Construction Services

If you have purchased a property that needs a serious make over or whether you are considering upgrading a property to increase its aesthetic appeal and financial value, we can assist you.

Whether you need to replace old windows, upgrade exterior paint, or renovate a dated bathroom or kitchen, we are here to troubleshoot and problem solve on your behalf. We will prepare a project bid estimate that can fit your budget and meet your goals. Once that is approved we will manage the project for you to its completion.

We retain professional, courteous and experienced building service staff that is ready to assist you with various remodeling projects. We hire qualified subcontractors to assist us with extensive projects and closely supervise their work. Our maintenance team members and our subcontractors are certified to work on properties built prior to 1978 that might contain lead-based paint.

Our highly skilled team of service providers can handle any maintenance issues in the following areas: plumbing, carpentry, painting, electrical work, heating/air and appliance repair.


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