Rental Application

Secure Rental Application

Pay Application Fee online using your credit card. You will be redirected to use your credit card through PayPal.

Thank you for your interest in leasing a property with Renaissance Properties Management LLC. This application process is designed to ensure that we consistently screen all potential tenants to provide the best possible living environment for all our residents. It is important that you fill out the attached application thoroughly, as all information provided will be verified and considered. We have outlined our screening process and information regarding the application. The approval process generally takes two to three business days; however, it may take longer depending on how quickly we receive the third-party verifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions or concerns during the application process. Once again, thank you for your interest in renting from us. We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Application form:

a) Please complete our secure rental application with current, accurate information. If the application is incomplete or missing information, it will not be processed. The application must be signed before it is submitted.

b) Each roommate must complete a separate application.

c) A current driver’s license or a valid, current photo ID must be accompanied with each application.

d) The co-signatory agreement is only required if a co-signer is necessary for an application to be approved. The intentions of a co-signer are to ensure the financial oblations of the lease are met. A co-signer may be necessary if the following conditions apply:

  • full-time student
  • lack of credit history
  • part-time employment
  • lack of rental or mortgage history

A co-signer may not be used if an application is denied because of poor credit history. If any of the conditions mentioned apply, please contact a Renaissance Properties Management LLC representative to see if your application may need a co-signer. In order to co-sign, a co-signer must complete an application and qualify as a potential tenant.

2. Submitting your application:

a) We must receive the application fee in the amount of $65.00 at the time you submit your application. Please have a check or money order payable to Renaissance Properties Management LLC. In addition, you can pay via PayPal online or via credit card by calling our office at 765-966-4980. This application fee is non-refundable.

b) Please include a copy of a driver’s license or a State ID of any person over the age of 18 residing in the household. 

c) The completed application may be submitted through our website, faxed, dropped off or mailed to our office located at: 117 South 5th Street Richmond, IN 47374. We have an overnight drop box on the door that may be used after hours. We strongly encourage you to use our secure online application to apply for one of our rental properties. 

d) You may choose to give us your security deposit at the time you submit your application. Although it is not necessary in order for us to begin processing your application, we encourage you to do so in order to reserve the property. Please review the section below for more information about the security deposit.

3. Verifications:

a) Once we receive your application, our office will obtain a copy of your credit report. It is our policy not to accept a copy of the report provided by the applicant, as we need to ensure the information is as current as possible. Favorable credit history is imperative to be approved. An application may be denied based on credit for the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • open collection from a utility company
  • bankruptcy in the last 12 months
  • civil court judgment
  • previous landlord collections
  • foreclosure in the last 12 months
  • mortgage payments in arrears within the past year
  • credit card payments in arrears within the past year

b) Two (2) of your most recent paycheck stubs must be included with each application. In order for approval, we require your gross monthly household income to equal or to exceed 3-times the monthly rent of the property you are interested in (For example, if your monthly rent is $500, your net monthly income be must at least $1,500).

c) Renaissance Properties Management LLC may deny an application based on outstanding landlord debt. You must have favorable leasing history within the past year to qualify. Favorable history includes, but not limited to:

  • on-time rental payments
  • no returned checks for insufficient funds
  • no lease violations
  • no damages

4. Security Deposit:

a) A deposit equal to the amount of one month’s rent will hold an apartment for thirty (30) days. Upon move-in, this deposit will serve as a security deposit for the duration of your tenancy. Please submit the deposit in the form of check or money order separate from the application fee. If you live out-of-town or are unable to visit our office in person, you are welcome to submit your security deposit via credit card by calling our office at 765-966-4980 during our regular business hours. 

b) Once we receive the security deposit, the property will be taken off the market and no other applications will be processed.

c) The security deposit will not be cashed or deposited until the application is approved.

d) If for any reason the application does not meet our qualifications and is denied, the deposit will be refunded immediately.

5. Pets:

a) Most of our properties are pet friendly. Please check with our office to make sure the property you are interested in is pet friendly prior to applying.

b) To ensure our property is kept in pristine condition, we require an initial $250 refundable pet deposit per pet. In addition, there is a $25 monthly fee per pet for the life of the lease.

c) Pets are limited to two small pets per household.

d) Maximum weight of each pet must not exceed 30 lbs.

e) Pets must be approved before being brought into the household.

f) There are significant breed restrictions on dogs.